A Poetic Journey Through the Life of a City

LONDON SYMPHONY has been released internationally through Flicker Alley, and is now available to stream worldwide (excluding UK), and on region free blu-ray. It is also still touring cinemas and alternative spaces within the UK. Below you will also find options to join our Community and purchase our script.

LONDON SYMPHONY Region Free Blu-ray

In addition to the film, the disc contains the following bonus material:

LONDON MEDLEY (1933) Courtesy of Film Preservation Associates, this 10-minute city symphony (newly scanned in HD), is a fitting companion piece to LONDON SYMPHONY, presenting 'intimate glimpses of life in the Old World's greatest metropolis'.

HUNGERFORD: SYMPHONY OF A LONDON BRIDGE (2009) A direct precursor to LONDON SYMPHONY, this 3-minute film presents an abstract journey over Hungerford Bridge, London, and the footbridges alongside it.

Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker Alex Barrett (director/editor of LONDON SYMPHONY)

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LONDON SYMPHONY Worldwide Streaming (Excluding UK)
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Ever wondered what a script would like look for a modern-day city symphony? Well, now's your chance to find out, with our script ebook, featuring an introduction and annotations by the director. 5.

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